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About Times



I was born in Winnipeg and raised in many areas of Manitoba, Canada. My parents struggled in my early years. Mom had a minimum wage job and my Dad was attending University of Manitoba while also working a part time job. We didn't have a lot, but we had family support. My Dad eventually graduated University and became a teacher, and later a pricipal for schools on reservations. Our family spent 8 years in different aboriginal communities. We made lots of friends and had tons of fun fishing, swimming and learning from local elders. We unfortunately also fell subject to social indifferences in regards to racial, physical and mental abuse. As a child, I didn't understand why some people acted the way they did. I saw many adults argue and fight with each other. A lot fell victim to drugs and alcohol. Many people in the community would commit suicide or commit manslaughter/murder. The healthcare systems were broken, the schools were rough, the jobs were few, there were constant power outages, the food prices were extremely high and in every reservation I grew up on there were boil water advisories. 

These events forced my to grow up tough and grow up fast.


In all dark times, there is always light. I had my family. I had close friends. I found music.

I started playing piano at the age of 2. I still remember the song. I was the 1985 Canadian hit, Johnny B by The Hooters. Around the age of 5 I took an interest in drums. A few years later an aboriginal man, my Dad's friend, would sit me down and teach me drum patterns. I wish I could remember his name so that I could thank him today. Drums are the foundation of music. I played on traditional acoustic kits and was invited to drum in a couple Powwow ceremonies. It was an honor to play in the drum circle with the elders blessings. I hope to play in one again one day. I didn't start playing guitar until I was about 12 years old. A friend came to my house with one of his brother's CDs. We were not aloud to listen to this music. It was for an older crowd. It was too agressive, the lyrics were terrible and provoking... and I loved it. I begged my parents to let me buy their CD. From that point on, I was a Metallica fan. I sat in my room for hours on end trying to play as many songs from my newely purchased CD ...the and Justice for All. Years later, in my teenage years, I started singing and songwriting.


At 17 I recorded my first 2 song demo on cassette tape, I auditioned for multiple bands and spoke with many radio stations. But, nothing came of this. To be honest, I wasn't ready. I didn't have enough experience and my song writing skills were yet to be developed. Throughout the years I would jam with friends, play acoustic at bon fires and parties. I learned a lot of cover songs along the way and I started writing better songs myself. I would start playing more local shows in Winnipeg as a Solo act. I even had a weekly gig at the old Osborne Moter Inn Hotel at one point. 


Finally a band was formed with my two long time friends Andrew Floyd and Doss Palmer. We started off by recording our improvisational jam sessions, listening back and picking out the best riffs to write lyrics to. DarkStars was born, we are here, we are loud.


Around the same time as the band formed, I started mixing music for local talent, Malcolm Jay. I would help family and friends with recording and mixing services in the past, but never for others. This lead me taking classes for Music Production and Recording throught AIA, which I recieved a diploma with honors. Shortly after, I completed my first full length album with Malcolm Jay, The Enemy Within LP. This lead me to starting my first business, a recording studio - Pick This Production.


Currently, I reside in Selkirk, Manitoba with loving wife and 2 children. I own and operate Pick This Production Recording Studio and enjoy sharing my music with anyone who will listen. ​With over 20 years of writing and performing music, I finally decided to release my debut album.

About Times. I hope you enjoy my music.  ​​​